Lawyer for Assault & Threatening Criminal Charges

Facing Charges of Assault

Assault charges are not ones to be taken lightly, as conviction for assault will result in incarceration and a criminal record, and your ability to both find employment and travel freely will be permanently impacted, among other things.

Because assault charges and thus how to deal with those charges can vary significantly, it’s important to speak to a lawyer right away. Contacting D. W. Fenton Defense Council immediately ensures we have the opportunity to provide effective advocacy on your behalf.

Facing Charges of Threatening

If you find yourself charged with threatening, you may be perplexed about how you got to this point. Sometimes charges of threatening come alongside assault charges, but other times these charges may be filed alone and for reasons that may not be completely clear to you. Our lawyer will help you understand the circumstances that led up to this charge, and we will vigorously defend your rights.

Whether you are facing assault or threatening charges, get the help you need now. Call us 24/7 to speak with a lawyer.

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